A Look Back – A Year In Review – 2010

8 11 2010

Scott turned the camera on me today at our monthly Boston Media Makers meeting. I spoke to the group as Scott so appropriately called it “A Look Back”. It was my look back to a “A Year In Review” 2010 with respect to social media and my accomplishments. At these media maker breakfast’s we talk about what were doing now, ask a question or share information that has interest to the group. Today I wanted to share what I did and do especially to the new people to the meeting as a way to encourage them to follow their passion.
See you on-line!


Video & Fair Use plus Twitter Hash Tags

7 11 2010

Today at our monthly Boston Media Makers meeting Scott Lebeda spoke about Video and Fair Use plus Should Twitter Hash Tags be registered.
What is fair use when it comes to on line video?

podcamp Boston 5 – Steve Garfield

26 09 2010

Steve Garfield at podcamp Boston 5 on September 25, 2010 at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center in Cambridge Massachusetts was part of the Return of the Visual Suspects break out session.

Boston Media Makers – August 1, 2010

1 08 2010

Boston Media Makers – August 1, 2010 had a special guest host today Diane Darling of http://dianedarling.com

For more information visit Boston Media Makers at http://bostonmedia makers.com and visit Steve Garfield from http://stevegarfield.com

Roll call video by Bruce Garber from http://bruceKgarber.com

Diane Darling and Bruce Garber make a great team.

Behind The Scenes With Steve Garfield

4 01 2010

Behind The Scenes With Steve Garfield and Bruce Garber At Boston Media Makers With Steve Garfield and Bruce Garber

AT our January 2010 meeting in Boston, Steve Garfield enplanes how and why he started Boston Media Makers. Steve gave Bruce and opportunity to highlight a new group called Southern New England Media Makers. For more information please visit Southern New England Media Makers web site. Follow and connect with us on Twitter.
To sign up to attend our free meetings go to event brite.

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