Tour Boston – On A Green Monster & On A Duck

26 04 2011

Taking a tour of Fenway Park in Boston with my friend Haroki from Japan.

And then we did this.

A tour of Boston on a Duck?
What better way to show my visiting friend from Japan, Boston? We had a fun day.

Tokyo Tower

10 10 2010

On my last night in Japan I traveled back to Tokyo from Yonezawa, Yamagata City. My flight home was early the next morning. However that night was a great night. The autumn weather was fantastic and I took a walk to the Tokyo Tower. It’s such a world wide recognized landmark and fun to visit. I have been to the tower many times before but could not let an other opportunity pass by. I hope you enjoy virtually coming along with me and have some fun along the way. Thank you for watching.


Zao Mountain – Yamagata, Japan

3 10 2010

Zao Mountain is a very beutiful place in Yamagata, Japan. A great location for extrodinary photographs and video or just a place to sight see, hike and enjoy a day with family and friends.

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