Tokyo Tower from Shiba Park

1 03 2016

Hi friends, I just returned from an adventure in Tokyo. On my free time I wanted to play with some relatively new apps from the other side of the world, and I did. I shared the experience using live interaction apps like Periscope. I also did other periscope broadcasts from Japan including the Tokyo Tower Orange Illumination and a visit to a Samurai Village. From my account you can see them all. Please enjoy watching as much as I had broadcasting live… I also uploaded some Snapchat stories and Vine video clips pushing everything out with Twitter and other social apps fro friends, family and fans to see. Please enjoy! Bruce

click the link below to watch it.
Live from Tokyo Tower from Shiba Park


Take Me To Fenway Park

27 04 2011

Fenway Park with my friend visiting from Japan. It’s A Very Good Day To Be A Boston Fan.

Tour Boston – On A Green Monster & On A Duck

26 04 2011

Taking a tour of Fenway Park in Boston with my friend Haroki from Japan.

And then we did this.

A tour of Boston on a Duck?
What better way to show my visiting friend from Japan, Boston? We had a fun day.

Tokyo Video Montage – Jan 2011

31 01 2011

Here is a video montage I produced using clips recorded in Tokyo.
Please enjoy some of the sights and sounds and enjoy this experience with me.
I recorded this video using a Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera.

Karaoke – Yonezawa, Japan

31 01 2011

Here is a karaoke show I produced from Yonezawa, Japan. This show has some added fun out takes. It was a great time to spend time with my friends in Japan. Happy to share this experience with you.

Karakoe – Yonezawa, Japan from brucekgarber on Vimeo.

Karaoke – Yonezawa Japan – 02 & 03

31 01 2011

I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of my Japanese friends. We enjoyed some time together over dinner in a karaoke box. We hope you enjoy sharing this time with us as well.
Here is two more video’s from that night.

Karaoke – Yonezawa Japan – 01

27 01 2011

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of my Japaneese friends. We enjoyed some time together over dinner in a karaoke box. We hope you enjoy sharing this time with us as well.
This is the first of a number of video’s we will share with you as editing time allows. More to come soon!

So Much Snow – Yonezawa Japan

25 01 2011

iReport — Bing from New England we are used to snow and have been expiring lot’s of it this season or at least we think we are.

Yesterday I arrived in Yonezawa Japan. Yonezawa is approximately 250 miles North West of Tokyo. When we got off the Tsubsa (the famous bullet train) we saw snow, so much snow.

Yonezawa as I understand it is in the older part of Japan. Some of the things this area of Japan is know for is the samurai village, Yonezawa beef and the hot springs.

From this video I recorded yesterday you can see snow and lots of it and how Yonezawa is using the hot springs to their advantage.

Being a hearty New Englander I can handle this. After all it’s only snow!

Bruce Garber

To see the video on my CNN iReport page click here: CNN iReport

Yonezawa Japan – Koyama Yoshiyuki

25 01 2011

On a recent trip to Japan I meet a new friend Koyama Yoshiyuki. He owns a local cafe and plays music guitar. On a night out at the cafe Yoshi-san (as he like to be called) played a few songs for me and gave me permission to record him for internet use. Thank you for listening to my new friend.

Go The Distance TV visits Tokyo, Yonezawa, Yamagata City Japan meeting interesting people along the way

11 10 2010

I have a show called Go The Distance TV where I like “highlighting ordinary people doing extra ordinary things”.

Go The Distance TV features ordinary people who have done extraordinary things with their lives. The hope is that by sharing their stories, others will come away inspired and motivated to find ways to “Go The Distance” in their own lives.

Because of the name of the show Go The Distance TV, I thought it would be interesting to highlight Japan, the sights, places, people and culture visited on this trip. We meet some very interesting people along the way and had fun doing it.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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