Daria Musk LIVE in a Google+ Hangout

9 09 2011

Tonight I had the opportunity to hangout with Daria Musk as she performed to those of us lucky enough to be in a Google+ Hangout with her.

With Daria’s permission I recorded her new song PLUS ONE ME she sang to her new Google+ Hangout fans.

Keep an eye on Daria as she is fast becoming the latest sensation on the web and beyond!


Ninah Mars “LIVE” from a Google+ Hangout

6 09 2011

Tonight I had the opportunity to hangout with Ninah Mars as she performed to those of us lucky enough to be in a Google+ Hangout with her.

With Ninah’s permission I recorded this song she sang to her new fans.

Keep an eye on Ninah Mars as she is a new and rising star!

Google+ Hangout with Michael Dell

21 08 2011

Today I had the opportunity to hangout with +Michael Dell and a room full of very intelligent well informed people from around the world. Michael is holding an inspirational desk icon that is all about zero’s and one’s. As you can see it’s a zero and when Michael turned it 90 degrees in his hand it becomes a one.

He answered a question in the hangout by sharing a book he wrote with a first edition (February 17, 1999) Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry.

We spoke about tablets, pocket, and how HP is spinning off the PC business.
Very interesting conversation’s, if you ever have the chance to hangout with Michael take the opportunity he is a very down to earth man that takes interest in what you have to say.

By the way if your interested in what is Micheal favorate product here it is: http://www.dellxps15z.com/

The Power to do more!

Thank you Michael for spending time with us.

+Bruce Garber

Michael Dell

Here Come the Google Hangout Innovators

4 08 2011

Here Comes the Hangout Innovators http://t.co/f6e799g
Check out who was mentioned in this PCWorld article.

Google Hangouts, the group videoconferencing part of Google+, has attracted some of the most creative minds on the Web – and these folks are putting their ingenuity to good use. One of the first out of the gate is Bruce K. Garber and his friends from the Southern New England Media Makers. They captured this video of their group videoconference by using Camtasia Studio and uploaded this video to Youtube. The sound quality is surprisingly clear considering that they were using the condenser mics built into their webcams. I’m wondering how clear their audio would sound if they each used a USB microphone, such as a USB Logitech headset or a Snowball microphone. Here are the other participants in this video chat.

Bruce Garber

Jim Jones

Steve Sherlock

Diane Darling

Southern New England Media Makers

Next up, check out Drew Jones, who figured out how to stream his Google Hangout live using Ustream.tv and Livestream.com. Drew will be sharing instructions on how to do this in the next few days. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/realdrewjones or on Google+.

Wherever opportunities for ingenuity exist, Phillip Torrone, senior editor at MAKE Magazine, is not far behind. Check out the Ask an Engineer – Show and Tell Hangout he recently ran. Yes, a little rough around the edges, but ripe with opportunities for sharing ideas at the most grassroots of levels.

Folks, if you’re still watching television, you’ve never left the last century. Put down that remote and pick up your imagination. The imagination train will be leaving the station and it’s best if you were on board. Instead of doing the “channel surf,”you could be establishing your own creative turf. Think carefully about the new world that is a-borning – and your role in it. Are you a leader or are you a follower? What rewards – emotional, social, financial — lie waiting for leaders? What experiences are typically encountered by followers? What ways are there to minimize risk and still be a leader? What collective ways are there to minimize risk and still pursue innovation? What is the price of indecision? What is the cost of delay?

Phil Shapiro

Grateful thanks to Steve Garfield, founder of Boston Media Makers and author of the very useful videoblogging guidebook Get Seen. I met Bruce K. Garber when I virtually attended a Boston Media Makers meeting. Follow Steve Garfield on Twitter (or Google+) to stay in the loop about all media making opportunities and innovations.

PCWorld Article by: Phil Shapiro


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