Yonezawa Station Japan Arrival

2 10 2010

Here is a little of what arriving in Yonezawa Japan is like after trains, plains and automobiles and 27 hours after the the start.

Tsubasa – that world famous Japan bullet train

2 10 2010

Here is what arriving in Tokyo Terminal station after trains, planes and automobiles and 27 hours of travel.

Arrival Tokyo Terminal Station

2 10 2010

Here is a look at my arrival at Tokyo Japan terminal station after trains, planes and automobiles and 27 hours of travel.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

8 11 2009

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony This show was a very special honor. I was invited to a traditional tea ceremony performed for me so that I could share it with you. The Tea Sensei Mrs. Ishiguri will demonstrate the preparation for the ceremony as well as perform the tea ceremony. My friend Makiko-san and her friend Yumi -san will help translate the goings on so we have a good understanding of this very old tradition. You will along with me will learn how this tradition started many years ago for men only as a way to socialize with friends. In more recent times the tea ceremony is enjoyed by both men and women as a traditional way to spend time together with friends and family. We hope you enjoy this traditional ceremony. Please visit http://www.gothedistancetv.com. to see the full video and for more interesting videos of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things… Let me know your thoughts. Sign the new guest book. Enjoy!



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